Leo Krans & the Kransenians music

Who are you?

My name is Leo Krans. I create music in many styles because most music genres have good music. For me, the rule is, it has to sound good. More about creating music later. But first my opinion towards music in general.

By sticking to a specific genre, one is limiting themselves. Not all music is good. Most music is not worth listening too. When you hear good unknown music, you should feel something immediately. There could be the urge to play it louder and your feet want to tap if there is a catchy rhythm. But many, if not most, stick to the music from their generation.

Good music should have a proper melody and a good beat if there is a beat. What good is, is what I just described. Only good music touches you instantly. I grew up in the sixties and seventies. But because I like this music, they call me old fashioned. Which is not true. I also like music before my teen time, some today's music and other styles, like jazz, boogie woogie, blues, and even some classical music.

I have created a playlist (below here) on Spotify with feel good music only. It is from old to new and from easy listening to rock. There will be more. Have a listen and subscribe if you are not afraid of music outside your preference. There is for instance jazz included. If you think jazz is no good, for old people or for nerds, you have prejudices. I am not saying jazz is good, but I am saying jazz can be good. I do not like most jazz myself, because it doesn't feel good. But there is good jazz. Listen and judge for yourself.

Playlist feel good music (some of my music included).

Composing my music

Now about my music. Because I like music, I have started to create my own music. There is not much yet, but there will be much more. For creating it is the same as listening, it has to feel good. Which genre is less important for me. My first album is classical music updated to a more today style, with bass and drums. And swing is added. The album is called"Happiedidodapa". In the very old classical days, they also created beautiful melodies. But very often this sounds a bit boring. So add a modern arrangement to those beautiful melodies and you have the best of both worlds. Listen and judge for yourself:

If you think after listening, wauw that Leo is good. Yes this music feels good, but for this, I used software. Still a lot of work, but I am not that good yet. More, and even better songs, are in progress. Using software to create music, is not my preferred method. But not using good results is also something I do not like. No, not going to reveal how I created this.

To describe my music, it is happy music that can make you feel better. I see my music as feel good music. And that can be for many genres.

Maybe you are used to having only a few good songs on a album and the rest is filling. I can assure you, this will never happen with me. Only songs I really like, will be published.

Besides updating classical music, I am also creating complete original songs. Writing songs is under the name the Kransenians and songwriting for others. For this last part, contact me if you need music.

"Performing" my music

Because I create everything on a computer, I do not have band members and because of that it is hard to create video clips. So I developed animation for my music. This "band" is called "The Kransenians." They dance for me and one day they are going to sing my songs too. More about this here:

The Kransenians (some of the dancers)

A small warning. If you listen to my music, it is possible you can't get the melodies out of your head anymore. They are a bit sticky. So don't start complaining if the melodies keep popping up in your brains. I have warned you.

Music tip: Close your eyes (unless you are driving), feel the melody, get the rhythm and float away to wherever you want to go. Then you can feel what I am feeling. This is the purpose of music. Making you feel better. I am a happy person, but my music makes me happier as I already am.

So happy listening.