Leo Krans music



My name is Leo Krans. I live in the Netherlands. One of the things I am doing is making music. This music is created because I really like music. I do not favor any specific kind of music style.

I believe any genre has good and bad music. For me, good music is what feels good. It can be from classical music to hard rock. I always listen to what I feel and not what belongs to my age or what I should like or what is popular.

Music has to touch me somehow. I have tried to figure out what it is, but haven't found it yet. Good music has something that wakes up something deeper inside you. Yes, I know, this doesn't help much.

Recently I have started to create my own music. And there will be more. A lot more.

Probably you are used to having only a few good songs on a album and the rest is filling. I can assure you, this will never happen with me. Only songs I really like, will be published.

To describe my music, it is happy music that can make you feel better. I see my music as feel good music.

My first album (on the left) has classical music in swing style. You can listen 5 out of 10 songs from the CD Happiedidodapa. Or listen to all on Spotify.

Most (so not all) classical music is kind of boring, but modified to a more up to date style, it can be very pleasant to hear. In the old days there were no drums for a more rhythmic version. They never heard of boogie woogie or rock and roll.

But now we have them and transforming the sometimes excellent melodies into a more today's style, is a combination of two winners. I know, not everybody will agree on this. Some will say classical music is the only right kind of music (and shouldn't be touched), while others will say classical music will never be pleasant to hear. Well, both are wrong. If you have one of those extreme opinions, probably this is not the right site for you. Being open minded to all kinds of music is the only right approach. But it has to feel good. Otherwise music has no value.

My music is "performed" by the Kransenians. They dance and sing (in progress) for me. But it is a bit different as you are used to. So if you want average or default, this it is probably not your kind of thing.

A small warning. If you listen to my music, it is possible you can't get the melodies out of your head anymore. They are a bit sticky. So don't start complaining if the melodies keep popping up in your brains. I have warned you.

Music tip: Close your eyes (unless you are driving), feel the melody, get the rhythm and float away to wherever you want to go. Then you can feel what I am feeling. This is the purpose of music. Making you feel better. I am a happy person, but my music makes me happier as I already am.

Give it a try. I can almost guarantee you will feel better if you open your mind to my music. This is not a sale argument, because listening is free here. Give it a try. If you feel bad, frustrated or whatever, play my music in the background. It will grab and uplift you. Long boring drive in your car? Try my music.

So happy listening.

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