Leo Krans music


About me (Leo Krans) and my music

I have always been a music fan. I have a lot of records and they are a part of my life. It took me a long time to figure out how to create music my way. My music is fully created on a computer. At this moment, I cannot play any instrument. And I am learning so sing myself.

For me, there is only one rule about music and that is, it has to feel right. I have no preference for a certain music style or genre. What the music makes me feel, is what counts. It can be from classical music to hard rock. I call this open minded to music. Many, if not most people, only prefer a certain genre of music. Very often it is the music from their teen time. But those are limiting themselves. Most genres have good and bad music. Bad music is what doesn't feel right.

My music can get you to a better state of mind. This means more relaxed and even happier. It is a kind of meditation process. The purpose of meditation is to distract your mind from your nonstop thoughts and get real peace of mind without alcohol, drugs or medication. The right music can do that too. And probably better, because to stop thinking and focusing on for instance a candle, is harder as listening to music. The result is the same (relaxation of the mind), but music is easier.

That is why most people like music. And need music. It makes them feel better. Probably not realizing they are doing a kind of meditation. Music (and animation) can improve things during listening / watching and a while after that.

About my animation

Took me a while to figure out a way to promote my music. Finding a record company and loose all control over my music is not what I want. And todays music is not my kind of music. So I decided to do this also, like my music, the independent way. The main problem with creating music on a computer, there is nothing visual. A regular band / performer is visible. You can record them singing / playing / performing / walking or whatever (a video clip). But I don't have that. After a long search, The Kransenians animation became my solution. In short, making animation to accompany my music.

My animation is at Kransenians.com