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About me (Leo Krans):

My book

The person behind all this, is me, Leo Krans. As said on the homepage, I live in The Netherlands. I have written a book about psychology in Dutch by accident. Probably you are thinking you do not write a book by accident. Well I did. I never had the intention of writing a book. I have always been curious about things. And also about self improvement. I wanted to know what moves people and what can be done to improve yourself. And I wasn't the happiest person. At that moment I didn't realize that, but now because I have grown, I know I wasn't what I could be.

Besides that I wanted to know what I want in life. Some kind of goal. Now I know there isn't something like a goal in life. The only thing there is, is finding something you really like and / or give meaning to your life. Now I found what I really like doing. That is writing psychology, making music and creating animation. One day I thought, if there would be a goal in life, it would have been found, because many (millions?) are looking for it. It would be big headlines worldwide saying "I have found the meaning / goal in life. It is ............." Maybe I have missed it. But probably it doesn't exist. The levels in life from low to high are problems > no problems > feeling good > feeling good + doing nice things. It is a bit the pyramid from Maslow.

Back to me and my by accident written book. I wrote down the interesting things from books and my own thoughts. Slowly I began to understand more things. So did some more writing of my own thoughts. Because I had so many notes, written everywhere, I decided to get it organized in a computer. So I bought an old computer and learned how to use it. Because organizing text in a computer is pretty easy, I had an overview again. And this resulted in new thoughts, which could be easily included. Because besides psychology books, I also read related subjects like child behavior (especially Maria Montessori), Buddhism, brain functions and others, I began to see connections.

Many things are related, but because the approach is different, you don't see they are connected at first. And every time I went through my computer notes, more ideas came. After a while I had something like hundred pages. Well, I thought, maybe I could write a book about it. Although I wasn't very serious about this in the beginning, the idea of writing a book excited me so much, that I kept reading my notes and adding things. Then it became so much and so good, it had to be a book.

So I figured out how to publish it. Because I read a good book about it, which advised to publish it on your own (so without a publishing company), I decided to go that way. Using a publishing company is easier, but you loose control, they want it their way, it is hard to find a publisher who is interested, publishing is a very long time process, and you make little money on your creation. So I decided to publish it myself as an independent publisher. I have no regrets doing this. And it is much more fun. Getting it printed was not an easy process in those days, but I'll skip that part. That is why it is published by accident. I never had the intention of writing a book. It started as personal notes.

And one other thing happened. This was even more important. During my writing process (took me several years), I slowly started to change. The more I started to go into the depths of psychology, the more I also started to understand my own thoughts. It was a kind of writing myself upwards to a more balanced person. Or see it as a jigsaw puzzle. The pieces started to fall into its place. Because of my writing, I found my balance again. Now I am a very happy, balanced person. It is a better me as I used to be. Kind of version 2. More about being in balance on my self improvement site.

My balance is back (every child is in balance when born), because I got rid of doubting myself. Doubting yourself is a problem which most, if not all adult are suffering from. It is a kind of virus (not a real virus) which prevents you from growing to your full potential. I don't want to talk about this here, because my self improvement site is dealing with these kind of subjects. The site will have more articles.

The doubt about myself has disappeared now. I am not saying I know everything and not saying I am perfect. So don't understand me wrong. There are a lot of thing I don't know, I make many mistakes and I am not capable of doing a lot of things. For instance, my cooking skills are very very limited. But if I would put my mind to it, I could be a pretty good cook. Many things can be learned with a lot of effort, as long as you are not doubting it, you can learn it.

One day my book will be translated into English. Doing it myself will take me several years and I don't have that time. Outsourcing is too expensive for me right now. But it will happen one day.

Because I don't doubt anymore if I can do the things I want to do, my desire for creating music broke through. It has always been there, but at that time I wasn't ready for it.

Some of my thoughts are published at improvingyourself.info

About my music (this site)

Because I could make a small living from my book and some advertising, I quit my job and started to do what I wanted for many years. And that is making music. I have always been a music fan. I have a lot of records and they are a part of my life. Because the doubt that I could create music is gone now and because of the Internet, many things are possible now, my music project was born. Not revealing how I am creating my music. It took me a long time to figure out how to do it my way. If you also want to create music, you have to put some effort to it and find your own way. My way is my way. The only thing I can say, it is fully created on a computer. At this moment, I cannot play any instrument. And I am learning so sing myself.

For me there is only one rule about music and that is, it has to feel right. I have no preference for a certain music style or genre. What the music makes me feel, is what counts. It can be from classical music to hard rock. I call this open minded to music. Many, if not most people, only prefer a certain genre of music. Very often it is the music from their teen age. But those are limiting themselves. Most genres have good and bad music. Bad music is what doesn't feel right.

My music can get you to a better state of mind. This means more relaxed and even happier. It is a kind of meditation process. The purpose of meditation is to distract your mind from your nonstop thoughts and get real peace of mind without alcohol, drugs or medication. The right music can do that too. And probably better, because to stop thinking and focusing on for instance a candle, is harder as listening to music. The result is the same (relaxation of the mind), but music is easier.

That is why most people like music. And need music. It makes them feel better. Probably not realizing they are doing a kind of meditation. But feeling better through music, is a temporary improvement. For better and definitive improvement, you need more. For that you need the right self improvement info. During growing up, most adults have become out of balance. This is the reason for all the problems in the world. Music (and animation) can improve things during listening / watching and a while after that. But sooner or later you will fall back to your default state. Only when you are going to understand why you are so tensed, aggressive, insecure, restless, or whatever, your default state can go up to higher levels definitely. Keep watching my self improvement site for new articles or subscribe to my newsletter.

About my animation

Took me a while to figure out a way to promote my music. Finding a record company and loose all control over my music is not what I want. And todays music is not my kind of music. So I decided to do this also (like my book and music) the independent way. The main problem with creating music on a computer, there is nothing visual. A regular band / performer is visible. You can record them singing / playing / performing / walking or whatever (a video clip). But I don't have that. After a long search, The Kransenians animation became my solution. In short, making animation to accompany my music.

My animation is at Kransenians.com

About me general

  • Creating the book took me several years of almost nonstop writing.
  • Creating the music took me about 4 years (and not done yet).
  • Creating the animation took me several years (also not done yet).

So because of that, I am not going to reveal how I did it and what software I use. The ones who want to do something similar, have to figure it out themselves. I can only say for the music, I have used Reaper. Most animation programs (besides the very simple ones) can do this. It is only a matter of hard working and figuring things out. You have to learn animation first. Then you can start creating. My animation does not have a button "dance now." It is all manual labor. Every movement has to be made by hand. Step by step. I know the basics of animation, but even me, a simple clip takes me several weeks. There is no easy way.

Everything on this project (music, animation) is created by me. If you see "we" on the animation site, it is from the point of view of my Kransenians. The Kransenians are weird. I am not. Although some may disagree on this. So "I" don't say weird things, but "we" can.

Something to think about: I have created / figured everything out myself. I have learned myself writing and publishing a book, creating and publishing music, creating and publishing animation, creating HTML pages, running domains, car restoration and some smaller stuff. I haven't had a high education.

But I have over 200 books about these subjects. Don't see this as bragging. The message I want to send is, you can teach yourself a lot if you really put your mind to it. Many things are not impossible. Amazon is my favorite bookstore. Low prices, often no shipping costs, fast, huge assortment, used books, reviews, etc. I have to say, reviews could be manipulated by friends. For most books you can look inside and the table of content was very important for me. Very often it says, yes I need this book. For some subjects you can try used books (older but cheaper). And yes, finding what you want is not easy. Start small and expand. Or start from scratch again if something doesn't work.

And there is a lot of info at YouTube. There are also sites where you can find video courses, like Udemy.com and MacProVideo.com. Most are affordable. Very often they have huge discounts once in a while.

Nothing I have done is impossible by others. If you can read, you could do it. You only need time, persistence and not being afraid to fantasize. And yes, you have to start at a very simple level. A bit like a child doing the first steps.

I have two work spaces. One is sitting behind the computer and doing my thing. The other is hanging on my bench, relaxing and thinking for the bigger picture. I have always pen and paper nearby, because good thoughts come very unexpected, like just before you fall asleep. But the idea can disappear very quickly.

I am not obsessed with making money. There are a lot of things I will not do because it lets me earn (a lot of) money. But I do not have a problem making money. Money gives you freedom. With freedom I will feel better and the better I feel, the better my music and animation. So if you think I am doing this for the earnings, yes, you are right for a part. But I truly believe you cannot become happy with money. You can be happier as you were, but an unhappy person will also be unhappy with money. Money and happiness are two different things.

If you want to know more about what I think is right or wrong in life, visit my self improvement site. I believe in being positive, like honesty, friendliness, respect, etc.