Leo Krans music


FAQ and contact

Q: How did you make the music?
A: Setting up my music music project took me a lot of time, headache and money. So I am not giving shortcuts on that. Sorry about that. The only things I can say, all the music, except the vocals, are fully created on a computer. And I use Reaper as a DAW. I could say Reaper is the best, but this is probably going to become a discussion. So I am not saying Reaper is the best. But I think it is.

Q: How did you make the animation?
A: Same thing. I have spend so many hours figuring things out. Trying things. Endings things that did not work. Etc. But I can say, it is not complicated; only a lot of try and error. Also not telling which software. See also the About me page. Several software programs can do this. Ask in their forums.

But it is not click a button and the character dances. You have to learn animation first. Then you can start creating the things you want. Everything is manual labor. Every step, every second has to be created and edited. A simple clip takes me weeks. The second one took me months.

Q: I don't like your music / animation.
A: Probably you are not the only one and I can live with that. But you don't have to tell me. If I would only create music and animation that everybody will like, it would be impossible to create anything. There will always be persons who don't like something. I also don't like a lot of things. But I like what I create and I create what I like. That is what counts for me. I can't please everybody.

Q: I have found a problem at one of your sites.
A: Please let me know. I am not perfect. But you don't have to tell me you do not like my layout. Created it myself and I like it.

Q: Will there be more?
A: Yes, plenty. But it will take a while.

Q: Are you only making instrumental music?
A: Yes for now it is. But working on vocal music right now. I am going to sing myself, but not very good at this this right now. You do not want to hear this. So working on it. Will be probably this year (2018).

Q: Can you write a song for me?
A: Well, maybe. For now instrumentals and vocal ballads only. But there are two requirements:

  1. You need to have a record deal, or being a proven indie. I cannot write original songs for everybody who wants one. I do not have a song writing tree in my backyard. It is a lot of work.
  2. It will have a proper melody and / or beat. Not going to write the things they call music these days. So if you do not like at least '60's en 70's music (in a newer style), I am not the right person for you. Or reversed, if you like today's pop music only, try it somewhere else. Because I can't write it.

Q: Can you write film scores, reggae, jazz, boogie woogie, etc?
A: Not yet. But it is on my long to do list. Even classical music could be an option.

Q: I am very good at ....... Can I help or work together with you?
A: No, but thanks for the offer. I am an extreme loner concerning this. I want to do everything myself.

Q: Can I use your music in my YouTube clip?
A: Yes. But you cannot modify my music. A link to my YouTube channel or sites would be nice. For more info, visit the YouTube copyright page. Search for Leo Krans. But you cannot use my animation.

Q: Can I use your music in other videos besides YouTube:
A: No.

Q: Can I resell your music are give it away for free:
A: No.

Q: Can I use your music in commercials / movies / TV / etc?
A: Yes, probably, but this is a more complicated thing. Certain legal documents are required for this. You have to contact me for that.

Q: Are you interested in selling my stuff / advertising / link exchange?
A: No. Will never be on my sites.

Q: This is the best music I have ever heard in my whole life. Interested in a record deal?
A: Oh no. I like my independence. Will never happen.

Q: This looks like a lot of work. I hope you are not too stressed.
A: Thanks for your concern, but don't worry. I like what I am doing. So I can't get stressed. It is a lot, but all fun what I do. It is a bit like a child who doesn't want to stop playing.

Q: Are these questions really asked?
A: Ha ha, very funny. No, I made them up to avoid answering these questions. This saves me a lot of time. Answering a simple question with a short reply takes only a few minutes, but dozens a day is too time consuming. And my concentration is gone for a while. And believe me, for creating, concentration is the most important thing. And I do like to relax once in a while. Otherwise I can't create.