Leo Krans music


Feeling better project

I have three sites. The topics are not the same, but still related. I consider them all as "tools" for feeling better. My sites are completely different, but related to each other. I see them as my "Feeling better project." The right self improvement info, music and animation can improve your well being . I know, animation and music will have a temporary result, but still it can make you feel better for a while. Not saying I am creating the best music and animation there is, but it has a certain level. My music still has a positive twist to how I am feeling. It still makes me happier as I already am. The three sites belonging to my "Feeling better project" are:

Leo Krans (this site)

My music site. The right music can make you feel better. It is temporary, but it is something that can improve your well being for a while. Not saying you need my music for that. There is a lot of good music out there. I know, my music is not everyone's style. Very often this is because many are not open minded to other music genres. The right music can improve how you are feeling. It can relax you, get your mind of problems or it can even get you in a dancing mood. It is a bit like alcohol, but without the negative side effects.

If you hear my music and somehow it gives you a happy / relaxed feeling, you understand one part of my "Feeling better project."

The Kransenians

My animation site. Some animation is for little children only. But other animation is for all ages. This is what I try to create. Somehow "childish" stuff is also suitable for the adult children. If you don't like animation in general, you lost the child inside you. But there is animation for real children only. Adults (including me) probably won't like it because it is too simple.

The child inside you is the one who gives you real fun in life. There is hardly any fun in working or adult conversations. Playing with children (and being one of them) and adults (soccer) is most of the time a very nice thing to do. If you lost the child inside you and you want it back, read and keep an eye on my Improving Yourself site. It is free. And maybe it can help you.

The right animation can make you feel better. As it is with music, it is temporary, but it is something positive. For a while you forget everything and it can give you a smile on your face. Not saying my animation is the best there is, because creating "fall of your chair from laughing" or "emotion overwhelming" animation is very hard to create. And I can't compete with the big players.

The Kransenians is my animation thing and I like it. I believe in being positive and living the nice version of life. They perform my music. They dance and sing (not yet) for me and you.

Improving yourself

This one is not for temporary improvement. It could really help you to higher levels. Probably you are not going to believe me, because your think your present state of mind is the highest there is. You think it cannot be improved because probably you've tried it very often. You cannot judge higher levels of well being if you have never been there. At happy moments or with alcohol maybe, you have been there, so it is possible. Those moments can become more often and longer. Without alcohol or drugs.

Because I am speaking about higher levels, don't start thinking I am some kind of guru. It is just down to earth info (this earth).

Because of writing my book I have grown a lot (and still growing). I have never felt so good in my life. Last year I was feeling very good, but this year it is even better. It is a bit like things growing in nature; it keeps growing to higher levels. I understand a lot of things now and this is the reason I am moving forward. Believe me, real happiness exists. I also understand now there are no secrets or complicated things to become a happy / better person. Yes, life is complicated, but moving forward is doable. Accepting yourself is not impossible. Personal and relationship problems can be solved. You only need the right information. You can learn history or a foreign language through books and study. Improving your own well being is not much different. Once again, you only need the right information.

The biggest problems are knowing what the problem is and how to solve it. Believe me, I can help you with that. I didn't have all the problems in the world, but I do understand many of them. Most problems in the world have the same source. Very often problems with self esteem is the reason. If there are self esteem issues (male and female), it means you are out of balance, and because of that you cannot be a happy person. Look at young children. Most of them are enjoying life and playing a lot, because they are still in balance. Yes, you can get happiness temporary, on holidays, or with drugs or alcohol. But this is not the real thing.

And again, you only need the right info. And that is the main problem for not growing. There are hundreds, if not thousands books about psychology / self improvement. If you would read only ten percent, it wouldn't do you much good. There are saying different things, they make it complicated or only dealing with a small part of the problem. For instance, you cannot raise a child the right way (with the help of books), if you are not in balance with yourself. Or you cannot make your partner happy, if you are not happy with yourself.

I am explaining a lot in a very easy way. I don't like using complicated words or theories. Don't forget, a theory is thinking how it is, not a fact. Most psychologist do not have clue. They have had the same education and not saying anything new. Freud was important, because he gave psychology a starting point. But he is not saying anything useful. Psychology is still based on (his) theories. I am explaining, not using theories. I have become a very happy person, so I am doing something wright. I am not perfect, but I have no problem doubting myself anymore. I rarely have problems with others.

My info can help you a lot. There are and will be more articles on my self improvement site. One day, my book will be translated, but not happening soon. I have become a happy person and so can you, because I am sharing this info on my site / book. It is not a complete manual for life, but a foundation. On this foundation you can start building your own thing. My parenting info can make a huge improvement in family life. And it is very easy.

For most adults, life sits between feeling good sometimes and not feeling good at all. It doesn't have to be. There are higher levels of well being.

Probably two things will happen when reading my stuff. One is being open minded to it and the other one is not wanting to know. Not wanting to know is for the ones who think they are already perfect and do not want to listen to other opinions, because this rocks there "perfect world." A bit like putting your fingers in your ears and saying la la la la. So, my info can help you or maybe you don't want to know. It is up to you.